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Craft 3 Released! Craft Plugin Store! And More!

Apr 13, 2018 Joann CraftCMS

Pixel and Tonic, the makers of Craft CMS, has announced the release of the much anticipated "Craft 3"! We're ecstatic for this new release!

Congratulations to the Pixel and Tonic team for their tremendous work!

"Three years and three months, 7,700 commits, three pre-release phases, a few scope creeps, a new e-commerce platform, 6 new hires and 3 new kids later, we’re thrilled and a little relieved to say we’ve finally reached the end of that effort."

There are many new features:

  • Multi-site. You can now host multiple websites in a single Craft install, using different domains. This is great for the same publishing team to work on different sections included in a site!
  • Speed and Scalability. Craft 3 is much faster and more scalable, ready for the future, so you can build anything on it.
  • Image Editor. Edit your images from with your Craft CMS control panel: crop, rotate, flip, straighten, set focal points! It can do it all, just can't order a coffee. Maybe in the next version.
  • Asset Preview. Press Shift+Spacebar to quickly view your assets anywhere in the control panel!
  • Plugin Store. Easily discover Craft plugins right in the Control Panel with opportunities to try, then buy. There will be centralized licensing verification.
  • Editions and Pricing. There are now "Solo" and "Pro" editions! Check the announcement for the pricing model.

For the developers, there are more features that I won't list here, but a few important notes include: installing via composer, Craft ID (announced in March 2018), and update notes.

Check out the official announcement Craft 3 CMS and What's New in Craft 3.

Check out the details of the Craft Plugin Store.

Also announced is the release of Craft Commerce 2 Beta! The most requested feature Subscriptions is here! Check out their announcement Commerce 2 Beta. Also, there will be a Commerce Lite version when Commerce 2.0 is released later in the year.

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