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Upgrading Craft CMS and Website Maintenance

Feb 17, 2017 Joann CraftCMS, Web Development

What is involved when upgrading Craft CMS? What steps might be involved? We'll take a look at the minimum requirements for upgrading your software.

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1. Collect Information About the Website

  • Assess all current plugins and any other custom code your website uses;
  • Assess if those plugins have been upgraded by their developers to work with the newer Craft CMS version and take note of any special instructions regarding upgrading;
  • Assess current web host, e.g. PHP/MySQL versions, to see if it matches Craft's new version requirements;
  • Go through the whole website and note any special templating or custom code that was used that may require revisions for the upgrade.

2. Backup & Upgrade On A Test Site

  • Create a backup of all files and database;
  • Recreate the website on a test server using the above backup, this ensures your backup works;
  • On the test server, follow the instructions from the plugin developers regarding upgrading and the instructions from Craft CMS, and do an upgrade;
  • See what types of issues occur and resolve as needed;
  • Adjust templates and custom code as needed;
  • Test the test site -- use it: add entries, update content, and review the front-end and check if everything looks and operates the way it should.

3. Backup Production Server & Upgrade

  • Set the live website on maintenance mode and show a maintenance web page;
  • Backup the files and database;
  • Upgrade the production server;
  • Resolve any issues that occur.

The most important part is Section "1. Collect Information About the Website" -- creating notes and doing due diligence on the existing website -- will help ease the upgrade of your Craft CMS website.

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