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Craft CMS 2.6.2982 with New Critical Update

Jun 14, 2017 Joann CraftCMS

Craft 2.6.2982 was released June 7th with a critical security fix.

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Craft CMS Plugin: Send Information to 3rd Party Services

Need to send information from your website to a third party system? Maybe you want your users to fill in a form and have the data sent to a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system.

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Optimizing Images for Your Website

It's important to optimize your images before uploading it to your website. We don't want to have such large image files that it takes your visitors a long time to load your website page.

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Maintenance: Add a Members Only Area to Your Website

We can add a Members only area for your website. Craft CMS is a great CMS and our go-to system, but if you're using ExpressionEngine or WordPress, we can help you, too. We help businesses and non-profit organizations add enhancements and features to their website.

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Upgrading Craft CMS and Website Maintenance

Feb 17, 2017 Joann CraftCMS, Web Development

What is involved when upgrading Craft CMS? What steps might be involved? We'll take a look at the minimum requirements for upgrading your software.

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Craft 3 Beta version!

Jan 31, 2017 Joann CraftCMS

Craft CMS version 3 is now in Beta and has many great enhancements!

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Happy 2017!

Jan 01, 2017 Joann Announcements

Happy New Year! May your New Year be filled with love and kindness! 

Will this be the year you finally update your website? Free consultation, contact us now.

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Website Forms with Freeform plugin for Craft CMS

You need something more than just a contact form? You have a survey or questionnaire for your visitors to fill in?

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